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Language Dept. is a team and a place. We are designers, problem solvers, communicators, questioners who arrived at design from diverse backgrounds. We believe that evolving systems—like language and technology—hold the power to inform, inspire and engage. We believe that getting attention requires paying attention and that content and form carry equal weight in communication. We are New Yorkers—by choice not birth—motivated by the city for its perpetual challenge to improve on greatness.
Tanya Quick, Principal Tanya was drawn to the open-minded spirit of NYC from her youth in North Carolina. A stop over in Chicago jumpstarted her path to become a business owner as a young designer, working with leaders of consumer brands and cultural institutions at critical stages of growth. 25 years and two companies later, this perspective of designer + business owner has made thinking macro and micro a habit. She values sustainability of resources and ideas, nimbleness, and immersion into her client's worlds to make something real.  CONTACT   

Jenn Cash, Principal For Jenn, design is rooted in education. Once a literacy specialist and high school English teacher in Boston public schools, she learned early on that compelling narrative and scaffolding information lead to a receptive audience. As a designer and educator, she has an ability to distill the heart of the conversation and lead both the client and the audience into the story. From a rural town in NJ, Jenn worked her way up the urban ladder from Providence, to Boston, to New York and there’s no going back. She earned an MFA in Graphic Design from RISD and a BA in Comparative Literature and English Education from Brown University.  CONTACT
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