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“I am convinced The Cancer Atlas will provide its greatest value, in its superb presentation of reliable information in an accessible, useable format for decision-makers, advocates, patients and the general public.”
—Christopher Wild, Director, International Agency for Research on Cancer

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The Cancer Atlas, 2nd Edition :: see the full book here
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The 136-page Cancer Atlas is comprised of nearly 100 insets and 44 choropleth-coded maps illustrating global data. Beginning with the cover, circles are used as a consistent throughline, to represent the cellular and global levels that cancer strikes; the color palette was inspired by tissue and cell photography.

Data was delivered to us as text documents and spreadsheets. Our challenge was to balance the complexity of the information with simplicity in execution and portability. These graphic illustrations needed to support the book—translated into six other languages—as well as a responsive companion website and social media. The system created structure while allowing for language expansion at a digital-friendly scale.
Language Dept - Project Image Of American Cancer Society
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