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“Unless we redouble our efforts to fight the spread of tobacco, 100 million people will die from tobacco-related disease between now and 2030—and up to one billion could die this century… We want this document to be used, parsed, quoted, defended, and debated, and ultimately to open minds, to persuade the unconvinced about tobacco’s toll, to spur untraditional allies to action, and to help create opportunities to reverse the epidemic.”
John R. Sefrin, CEO, The American Cancer Society and Peter Baldini, CEO, World Lung Foundation

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The Tobacco Atlas, 5th Edition :: visit the companion website
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Ten years after the first WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, this fifth edition of The Tobacco Atlas looks to expose the interconnected system of tobacco regulation as a way of understanding where the epidemic can be curbed. As we visualized each data set we looked to reveal relationships in quantity, scale, and disparity.

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The Tobacco Atlas

Stages of Tobacco Regulation

Each infographic and visualization was designed with portability and sharing in mind. As The Tobacco Atlas launched in Abu Dhabi at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH), the conversation became instantly global through #tobaccoatlas and the compantion website (developed by Atlantic Media).


One of the strongest themes that emerged is the imprint tobacco has made on development and equality. Many chapters demonstrate that tobacco is inextricably linked to chronic underdevelopment including poverty and education. Again and again examples highlight the tobacco industry’s attempts to attract the most vulnerable members of society.

Tobacco and Undernourishment

Tobacco and Income

Though it’s common knowledge now that tobacco use is linked to cancers, this Atlas also reveals the increased risk of many non-communicable diseases.

Tobacco and NCDs

Tobacco and TB

Despite global decline in cigarette consumption, market opportunity continues to find new tobacco users. We worked to visualize the concentration, density, and upward trends in alternate tobacco products.

E-Cigartette Use in Youth

Waterpipe Use

“In the global fight against tobacco, information is one of the most powerful weapons. The Tobacco Atlas is an invaluable resource for collating our current knowledge about tobacco and demonstrating the true nature of this global pandemic.”
New York City Mayor and Philanthropist Michael Bloomberg

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The Tobacco Atlas, 4th Edition :: 132 pages of infographics designed to help save a billion lives
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Without drastic intervention, tobacco is predicted to take 1 billion lives in this century. The Tobacco Atlas is a tool designed to help change that bleak forecast. Staggering data on deaths, disease, products, costs, manufacturing, etc. is illustrated through 28 world choropleth-coded maps, over 75 inset information graphics, world data tables, and a visual history of tobacco spanning the past 500 years. Geographic data was translated into thematic maps using web-based software to ensure accurate data and allow more time for designing the details. Our goal in visualizing the density of information was not simply to illustrate, but to encourage insight.

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Minutes of Labor Require to Purchase a Pack of Cigarettes

Information is more understandable when presented in human terms. The time necessary to earn a pack of cigarettes gives human dimension to a dollar amount that can mean different things to different readers. For those curious, in the United States the price of a pack of cigarettes is 19.4 minutes of labor at median wage. As with all data sets, the authors had to select which countries to highlight in each graphic.
Cigarette Consumption in One Century

We used physical scale as a strategy for visually comparing quantities and measuring how information stacks up side-by-side—from landmasses to shadows to burning ash.
Tobacco Company CEO Compensation

Number of Global Deaths Caused by Seconhand Smoke

We also found opportunities to use human references and objects to make large number tangible. It's one thing to know that the price of a pack of Marlboros could buy almost 4000g or rice, but it hits more to the gut to know that's 137 meals.
How Many Servings of Rice Can a Pack of Marlboros Buy?
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